WSU – Chair of Architecture

Thank you for your interest in the role with Western Sydney University.

An appointment has now been made with the following announcement released by the Dean of Engineering, Design and Built Environment

Dear Colleagues,

It gives me great pleasure to let you know that we have now concluded the process of making the appointment of the Full time Chair of Architecture. 

Professor Paul Sanders is the newly appointed Chair/ Professor of Architecture in the School of Engineering, Design, and Built Environment.

Paul is excited to lead the architecture course at WSU in its unique urban focus, as his career in academic and practice has been rooted in urban architecture upon the fundamental underpinning of how architecture affects and is affected by its urban context. His enthusiasm and commitment to how design can influence matters affecting cities has been the basis of his research and teaching. Paul’s scholarship in architecture, urban morphology, and urban design has allowed him to engage deeply across all areas of the built environment and design disciplines. 

Paul has a PhD in the field of Urban Morphology, the thesis developed strategies to apply the research approaches of urban morphology as a tool to guide the form for appropriate urban architecture. Through this research Paul has gained recognition within the academic community of the International Seminar on Urban Form (ISUF).

Paul has experienced three career phases in architecture and rich working experiences in three continents. Firstly, as a registered practicing architect for fifteen years in the UK and South Africa, through which he gained extensive knowledge of the built environment professions, construction industry, and importantly the social dimension of architecture. His interest in teaching was the catalyst for a transition into academia that developed from beginnings as a lecturer at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, through to various roles as an academic leader in architecture at QUT in Brisbane. Roles have included: Head of School, Discipline Leader, and Course Director, these positions have presented great experiences in a range of aspects of academic management, inter-disciplinary collaboration, as well as engagement with industry and the profession. 

Paul’s current major research activity, whilst based at Deakin University, is as a CI on a 5-year NHMRC $1.15M funded project called Grandschools: An Intergenerational Learning and Living Campus, which addresses the Health and Wellbeing of seniors and youth and proposes new approaches to the urban design of educational precincts.

It is my great pleasure welcoming Paul in the school.

Best Wishes

Professor Mike Kagioglou
Dean, School of Engineering, Design and Built Environment

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