Macquarie University – Chief People Officer

Thank you for your interest in this role with Macquarie University.

An appointment has now been made with the following announcement released by the Vice-President, Professional Services

Dear Colleagues,

Following an extensive search process, I am delighted to announce the appointment of David Ward as the new Chief People Officer for the Macquarie University Group. David has a long and esteemed HR leadership career in the Higher Education Sector, including over 11 years as HR Director/VP Human Resources at UNSW. He is well known and respected across the sector for his expertise, thought leadership, strategic contributions, and collaborative leadership style. David will be responsible for all people related strategies and services across the University Group (including MQ Health and U@MQ) and will be a wonderful leader for our HR team. I also look forward to David joining the VPPS leadership team.

With people strategy in the CPO’s remit and with a broader group of professional services now falling under my portfolio, the VPPS portfolio will be updated to “Vice-President, Professional Services”.

David will be commencing on 14 June. Until then, Diana Chegwidden will continue to act as Interim HR Director. I would like to acknowledge and thank Diana for her contributions to date and for her continuing leadership of Human Resources. We have been very fortunate to have Diana as Interim with her extensive experience in the sector, and I am particularly grateful for her support during this transition period.  I would also like to acknowledge Natalie Walker who conducted the executive search process for the University and members of the selection panel for their time and involvement in this important appointment. 

Kind regards,

Nicole Gower

Vice-President, Professional Services

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