Catalyst Education – Head of People and Culture

Head of People and Culture

Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Catalyst Education is a quality Australian education organisation, managing three leading vocational education providers, Selmar Institute of Education, Royal College of Healthcare and Practical Outcomes.

Catalyst Education’s learner focused and industry respected brands have educated well over 45,000 students, delivering dynamic, fully accredited courses that provide quality student outcomes.

Catalyst Education has a fast-paced and friendly team culture focused on teamwork, innovation and outcomes. Child care, disability services and aged care sectors, three of Australia’s critically important sectors currently undergoing significant reforms, are Catalyst Education’s main business areas.

Catalyst Education is now on an exciting journey within its own history through the recent acquisition of the business by “For Purpose Investment Partners”, a leading not-for-profit social impact investor in Australia. This acquisition of Catalyst Education is a true alignment to not only of the mission and values but to the social purpose which is embedded in everything that Catalyst Education does.

Catalyst Education is now seeking a highly motivated Head of People and Culture to join the organisation as part of the Senior Leadership Team. Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, the Head of People and Culture will be responsible for the design, delivery and implementation of an effective People and Culture Strategy.

This role will provide both strategic and operational expertise to the Senior Leadership Team and to its employees on all people related matters, including workforce planning, performance management, employee engagement, change management, and business design and development.   The Head of People and Culture will play a key role as ambassador for business culture and values, ensuring they are visible, embedded and upheld.

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Closing Date: 25th May 2021

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