University of Canberra – Head of School, Canberra Business School

University of Canberra
Head of School, Canberra Business School

Location: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

The University of Canberra is a dynamic university with great ambition.

UC is proud of both its inclusive and student focused culture and is focused on developing innovative digital solutions to provide an engaging and personalised student experience. UC’s place-based identity ensures that it exists to serve Australia’s capital community and its surrounding region with a strong impact on the nation.

We are now seeking a dynamic and visionary leader to join us as our new Head of School, Canberra Business School. This role will provide strategic leadership and management in overseeing the delivery of contemporary teaching and world-class research which fosters collaboration within the School and across the University.

The Canberra Business School has expertise across a range of business disciplines: accounting, banking and finance, event and tourism, marketing, human resources and a range of other management specialisations.

Representing the largest and most diverse school within the Faculty of Business, Government and Law, the Canberra Business School is integral to meeting the University’s strategic aims of being a hub for industry, government, the wider community, employers and the future workforce.

Reporting to the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Business, Government and Law, the Head of School will foster new relationships and deepen existing partnerships with our communities, industry and government to ensure that UC is the University in, of, for and from Canberra and the Region.

The Head of School will be an innovative business leader, with experience in academia, private enterprise and/or public service in Australia and beyond.  We seek a strategic, collegial, and strong decision maker with proven experience in leading diverse teams within a complex environment.

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