Southern Cross University – University Council Member

Southern Cross University

University Council Member

Location: Lismore, New South Wales

Southern Cross University is a young and vibrant, multi-campus university located on Australia’s east coast.

We are proud to contribute to the vitality of the regions we call home, but our gaze is to the best talent and the best practice wherever it exists.

We are now seeking expressions of interest to join our University Council as new Council Members. Our University Council is committed to working with the Vice Chancellor and his team in providing robust governance and support central to delivering our ambitious agenda.

Australia’s universities are being disrupted by a confluence of social, economic, policy and technological forces calling for enormous acuity, agility, creativity, and transformation. In anticipation of this landscape Southern Cross University has developed its ambitious 2030 strategy, a roadmap to our future deeply rooted in a sense of purpose and energised by our values of excellence, boldness, ownership, care, and trust.

We aim to change the lives of those who study with us through a revolutionary approach to learning. Our Southern Cross Model, unique to the Australian University sector, is generating significant improvements in student learning outcomes and success. Our work in research is informed through the lens of impact and engagement as we seek to enhance the lives and livelihoods of those for and with whom we collaborate.

If you have an understanding and enthusiasm for the role of universities in society along with a link to the broader geographical region that Southern Cross University serves, we welcome your interest in joining us as a Council Member.

For further information and a confidential discussion, please email

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