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Thank you for your interest in this role with Southern Cross University.

Appointments have now been made within the Faculty of Engineering and IT at Southern Cross University.

Professor Michael Rose has a research focus on the interactions between plants, microorganisms and their environment and how agronomic management practices influence these interactions. Professor Rose undertook his PhD at the University of Sydney through an Australian Cotton CRC scholarship, exploring the role of wetland plants and microorganisms in improving water quality on cotton farms. He has since conducted research on plant growth-promoting biofertilisers in Vietnam; abiotic stress tolerance in rice in Japan and organic amendments for soil health and plant productivity in Victoria, Australia

Dr Jay Anderson is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Organics Research at Southern Cross University. She is a plant pathologist focused on integrated disease management of tropical and subtropical horticultural crops. Jay has worked in government, university, private enterprise and in an industry representative body, and in all these roles, her work focused on practical solutions for farmers. Dr Anderson has volunteered through the Australian Volunteer Program with the Crawford Fund’s long-term program in Lao PDR where she was able to use her pathology skills to work with colleagues studying banana leaf diseases in the south of the country.

Dr Adam Canning is an ecologist with interests in investigating nature-based solutions to have productive agricultural landscapes within ecologically healthy catchments that support high water, climate and food security. He has experience in using network modelling to better under the flow of nutrients (carbon and nitrogen) through catchments and aquatic ecosystems, species distribution modelling, catchment land use planning, sports fish and game bird management, and the interface between freshwater science and policy/planning. His research has focused on how wetlands and regenerative actions can be incorporated into our landscapes to increase food production, improve water quality or buffer against climate change.

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