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Professor / Associate Professor (Science)
Senior Lecturer / Lecturer (Science)

Location: Lismore, NSW

Southern Cross University is now seeking innovative and inspiring academics to contribute to teaching, research and collaboration across the Faculty of Science and Engineering

Southern Cross University will be appointing a cohort of science academics for their specialisations in Earth and Environmental Systems, Forestry Systems and Regenerative Agriculture across all levels:-

    • Professor / Associate Professor (Level E / D)
    • Senior Lecturer (Level C)
    • Lecturer (Level B)

Applicants will possess a PhD in forest science, agricultural science, terrestrial ecology or a related discipline. Skills and expertise in analysis and modelling of complex biophysical and socio-ecologic systems, biostatistics or entomology are highly desirable.

These roles will actively support the Faculty’s engagement with community, government, industry and professional bodies and with local and international partners and to equip our students with the skills and ability to transform tomorrow, today.

With an outstanding international research profile, SCU students have access to World Heritage rainforests, reefs, beaches, estuaries, large rivers, mountains and national parks as part of their living laboratories for learning and research. Our research strengths include the protection and sustainability of the world’s precious marine environments, and helping to transform the forestry, horticulture and agriculture industries. Our research is supported by key research initiatives focused around coastal biogeochemistry, marine ecology/reef cooling and shading, repurposing of residuals/wastes, agricultural medicinals and horticulture, and in forest management.

For further information and a confidential discussion, please email

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