UC – Executive Dean, Faculty of Education

Thank you for your interest in the role with the University of Canberra.

An appointment has now been made with the following announcement released by the University of Canberra.

Dear Colleagues,

The University has concluded the search for the position of Executive Dean, Faculty of Education.

I am delighted to announce that Professor Barney Dalgarno will be joining the University of Canberra to assume this position in February 2020.

Professor Dalgarno is an alumnus of the University and has built an impressive 21-year academic career at Charles Sturt University. Professor Dalgarno holds degrees in Science, Education and a PhD in Education.

He joins the University from Charles Sturt University (Wagga Wagga Campus) where he currently holds the position of Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor Learning and Teaching. Professor Dalgarno has held a number of senior academic positions at Charles Sturt University and has published widely on online, distance and futurist education.

Professor Dalgarno will lead the Faculty with an initial focus on our partnership with the ACT Education Directorate and the Affiliated Schools Program.

Apart from scaling up the Affiliated Schools Program, Professor Dalgarno recognises the strengths of our Faculty of Education and its leading international research and is excited to explore opportunities for new research and to build upon our teaching and research successes.

Professor Dalgarno is looking forward to returning to Canberra and has plans to cycle to work, spend time strolling through bookshops and taking in the best coffee Canberra has to offer at our host of cafés around the city.

While we look forward to welcoming Professor Dalgarno to the University in 2020, I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to Professor Barbara Pamphilon for taking on the role as Acting Executive Dean in the interim, following in the footsteps of Professor Geoff Riordan who served the University with distinction for nine years.

Professor Geoffrey Crisp
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
University of Canberra


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