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Public Members
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Location: Australia

The Australian Press Council is responsible for promoting high standards of media practice, community access to information of public interest and freedom of expression through the media.  It also sets standards and responds to complaints about material in Australian newspapers and magazines, as well as a growing number of online-only publications.

The Australian Press Council is now seeking expressions of interest across a number of key member appointments who will support the Council in achieving these aims.

Public Members

Public Members will form part of the Australian Press Council’s Committee Members in having general responsibility for management of the affairs of the Australian Press Council.  Public Members will also contribute to the complaints handling process and sit on the Council’s Adjudication Panel.  Public Members come from a wide range of backgrounds across Australia but must not have been recently employed in the media industry.

Adjudication Panel Members – Public and Industry representation

The members of the Adjudication Panel comprise people from community and media backgrounds who are not current Australian Press Council Committee Members.  Your role will be to make an assessment on complaints that have been referred to adjudication and decide whether the Australian Press Council’s Standards of Practice have been breached.

We are now seeking Public Members and Adjudication Panel Members who bring a diversity of thought and an appreciation of contemporary social issues and community expectations.

For further information and a confidential discussion, please email APCMembers@walkerexecutivesearch.com

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