WSU – Criminology and Policing

Thank you for your interest in the role with Western Sydney University.

An appointment has now been made.

Dr Toby Miles-Johnson will be joining Western Sydney University as their new Associate Professor in Policing and Criminal Justice, within the School of Social Sciences.

Dr Miles-Johnson will be joining from Queensland University of Technology where he held the position as Senior Lecturer in Criminology.  Prior to joining QUT in 2017, Dr Miles-Johnson was a Lecturer in Criminology within the School of Social Sciences: Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology at the University of Southampton.

Dr Miles-Johnson obtained his PhD in Criminology from the University of Queensland and graduated from Griffith University with a First class honours degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. His majors were international relations, and criminological research.

Dr Miles-Johnson was awarded the ‘Deans Award for Higher Degree Research Excellence’ from the University of Queensland, the Griffith ‘University Medal’ and the Griffith University ‘Criminology and Criminal Justice Medal’ as the highest academic achieving student. He has also been awarded the ‘Crime and Misconduct Commission’ (CMC) Award for academic excellence, four Griffith University ‘Academic Excellence Awards’ and a Golden Key ‘International Honour Society Award’ for academic excellence.

Dr Miles-Johnson will be based at Western Sydney University’s Liverpool Campus.

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