University of Newcastle – University Librarian

Thank you for your interest in this role with the University of Newcastle.

An appointment has now been made with the following announcement released by the Vice Chancellor.

I am pleased to announce that, following a global search, Matthew Davis has been appointed to the role of University Librarian. Matthew has been interim University Librarian since March this year and will formally commence in the role from 12 September 2023.

Matthew joined our University two years ago as Associate Director, Client Services and Academic Engagement, leading the development and delivery of student, academic, and research support services. Prior to joining us, Matthew was Director, Site Services at the University of Sydney Library where he delivered significant strategic and operational initiatives, and managed large client focussed teams.

Through both roles at Newcastle and Sydney Matthew has led the establishment of innovative student-centred programs and services that focus on ‘students as partners’, creating student employment opportunities, and impacting positively on the academic experience. Matthew has worked on projects to design new library spaces from the ground up and refurbished several traditional spaces to modernise and adapt them to the changing needs of library users.

Matthew has a deep understanding of the current opportunities and challenges facing academic libraries. He is a champion for open scholarship, technology led innovation, and creating spaces and services that are inclusive, diverse, and culturally aware.  

Our Library is the core of our University, and has an exciting future ahead, building on the great work of the library staff under Coral Black’s leadership. I am sure we all look forward to working with Matthew as we continue to reimagine the library, keeping it at the heart of the student experience.

Please join me in welcoming Matthew to the role and supporting him as he leads our Library into its next phase.

Professor Alex Zelinsky, AO

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