University of Canberra College – College Director and Principal

Thank you for your interest in this role with the University of Canberra College.

An appointment has now been made with the following announcement released by the Board Chair.

The University of Canberra College Board of Directors is delighted to announce the new College Director and Principal, Ms Huma Cheema, has been appointed.

Huma was selected through a rigorous recruitment process, involving multiple interviews with the Board of Directors. She immediately impressed the panel with her energy, warmth and demonstrable leadership experience and capability. Huma is clearly someone who works together with others to create a vision and deliver on it. She is energised by the opportunity to lead and to work collaboratively. She also demonstrated an absolute focus on students throughout the recruitment process.  

Huma brings with her a wealth of highly relevant experience through her work in both university and school settings. From 2003 to 2014 she was with ANU, progressing through a range of roles which gave her breadth and depth in terms of her understanding of higher education. Her roles and experience included School management and also the leadership of international projects for the Division of Global Engagement and Student Recruitment amongst others. Since 2014, Huma has worked at Canberra Grammar School in the senior role of Head of Admissions and as a member of the Whole School Leadership Team. In this role, she led impressive change projects across student recruitment and admissions, dramatically lifting service levels and recruitment outcomes through a period of enormous change for the School.  She holds a Masters in Management from the Australian National University, a Bachelor of Arts, and a Diploma in Public Relations.

She has a fascinating personal background, having grown up in Pakistan before migrating to Australia. Through personal experience, she understands the challenges our international students face as they settle into life in Canberra. Huma’s long term familiarity with everything Canberra has to offer students from across the country and around the world is also one of her strengths.

This was a long and very careful search. While the Board have been working on this recruitment, Richard Stevenson has done a wonderful job acting in the role of College Director. The Board extends sincere thanks to Richard for his contribution to the College over this period and for ensuring ongoing operations continued smoothly during this complex time as we began to return to a new normal. Robert Berthon acted as Academic Director over the same period, and the Board extends thanks to Robert and to the Program Coordinators for their work too, supporting students and academic staff. I know you will join me in thanking Richard and Robert for their leadership, and the whole UCC staff team for their efforts over this year.

Best regards
Liz Stinson

Liz Stinson, FAICD
Board Chair
University of Canberra College

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