Southern Cross University – Chair of Science

Southern Cross University

Thank you for your interest in this role with Southern Cross University.

An appointment has now been made with Professor Nigel Andrew joining the Faculty of Engineering and IT as its new Chair of Science.

Professor Nigel Andrew joins Southern Cross University from the University of New England (UNE) where he held the position of Associate Dean Research in the Faculty of Science, Agriculture, Business and Law. He is also Professor of Entomology at UNE, and Editor-in-Chief of Austral Ecology: A Journal of Ecology in the Southern Hemisphere.   

His research has a current focus on identifying if behavioural, ecological and physiological traits of insect species are predictable and repeatable. He also tests whether these traits can then be scaled up to predict changes within and between ecological communities: this is fundamental to understanding biotic adaptations to a rapidly changing climate.

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