Macquarie University – Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous

Thank you for your interest in this role with Macquarie University.

An appointment has now been made with the following announcement released by the University.

Macquarie University has now announced the appointment of Sam Ricketts as Pro Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous). Mr Ricketts moves into the role from his position as Director of Walanga Muru, the University’s centre for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student success, which he has held for the past year.

A proud Dharug man, Mr Ricketts brings to the role more than 25 years of experience in the education sector – both as a secondary school teacher and Principal, and as the former Director of Learning (School) Strategy, Aboriginal Outcomes and Partnerships in the NSW Department of Education.

Mr Ricketts says he looks forward to drawing on the support and collaborative effort of the University to enhance outcomes for Indigenous students and staff.

“I am humbled to be afforded the honour of such a prestigious and important role,” he says.

“Since moving to Macquarie University, the support of everyone on campus has been amazing. We have built a strong sense of community and teamwork to enhance our work with our current Indigenous students while showing the next generation that there is a home for them at Macquarie University.

“I aim to lead our team to create transformative experiences for students and empower Indigenous staff. The evaluation and renewal of the Macquarie University Indigenous Strategy is also high on the agenda.”

Distinguished Professor Bronwyn Carlson, Head of the Department of Critical Indigenous Studies, says: “I look forward to continuing to work with Sam to build on our already successful Indigenous HDR program and to support the next generation of Indigenous scholars”.

Professor Rorden Wilkinson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) says Mr Ricketts brings an informed understanding of the challenges and opportunities for Indigenous people in education.

“Sam Ricketts’ deep understanding of, and compassion for, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and communities will be invaluable as we look to increase tertiary participation and attainment among underrepresented groups,” says Professor Wilkinson.

“We warmly welcome his leadership and guidance in this role so that we can continue to build on our Indigenous Strategy and ensure Macquarie University is a place of education for all.”

Professor Rorden Wilkinson
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
Macquarie University

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