Deakin University

Thank you for your interest in the role with Deakin University.

An appointment has now been made with the following announcement released by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education

It gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of Hero Macdonald as University Librarian.

Hero is Director, Learning Services, Digital Innovation and Library Experience at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Library and oversees the digital library infrastructure and experience, the Library’s front-of-house services and Library spaces. Hero is leading the beta testing of a whole-of-university research repository / library information system and led the strategic procurement and implementation of UNSW Library’s Next Generation Digital Repositories and Digital Collections Platform.

Hero is no stranger to Deakin: she was previously Director, Digital Libraries and Repositories at Deakin where she was responsible for the development and delivery of digital library services and systems enabling the effective discovery of scholarship and enhancing the digital experience of students and researchers. Before joining Deakin, Hero held a number of positions at The University of Melbourne, including managing the Baillieu Library and the Brownless Biomedical Library, where they led projects including the design and implementation of new service models, major collection relocations and library renovations. Prior to this, Hero worked in a number of other library and information management-related roles in the UK and Australia, and as a sessional teacher and research assistant at Queensland University of Technology in the School of IT. Hero serves on CAVAL’s Products and Services Committee.

I look forward to welcoming Hero back to Deakin. I am grateful to Clare Carlsson for acting as University Librarian from Dr Craig Anderson’s retirement until Hero commences.

Professor Elizabeth Johnson PFHEA
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education
Deakin University

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